Did you know that Soest and surroundings consist of 40% nature? During your walk you can marvel at the beautiful landscapes that Baarn and Soest have to offer. In and around Baarn and Soest are unique nature areas with alternating sandy plains and dunes, woodland, heathland and beautiful historic sights. Every day you can choose a distance of 10, 20 or 30 km. On Sunday we added a special wheelchair-friendly route of 3,5 km. If you opt for a weekend registration, you will walk the same distance for two days. If you want to participate for 2 days, but a different distance per day, that’s also possible!

This year the route days are switched. On Saturday you can now enjoy the Baarnse Bossendag and on Sunday the Soester Duinendag.

Baarnse Bossendag

Your walk starts on Saturday in historic Soest and leads you through the Baarnse Bos, across wide beech avenues and past Soestdijk Palace. The 20 km route continues through the forest of Baarn and Lage Vuursche and passes beautiful heather areas that are in full bloom in August. At the 30 km you can enjoy and walk the beautiful park behind Castle Groeneveld in Baarn, through extensive forests at Buitenzorg estate and along the Hilversum Wasmeer.

Baarnse Bossendag - Soester Wandelweekend

Baarnse Bossendag Zaterdag 22 augustus

Soester Duinendag

Let the overwhelming sandy plains and the areas of the Korte Duinen and Lange Duinen surprise you on the Sunday of the Soester Wandelweekend. The 10 km goes through the Korte Duinen. The 20 km route combines the Korte Duinen with the Lange Duinen and Landgoed De Paltz of the Utrecht Landscape. You climb the Soester Hoogt (51 m above NAP), the mountain that gives Soesterberg its name. You walk through the mysterious strub forests on the nature trail De Stompert, a former military area. The 30 km route closes the route spectacularly with a walk over Soeterberg Air Base, where you walk along the former airstrip and through the shelter area. Experience the panoramic view from the runway and enjoy the special nature.

On Sunday we added a special wheelchair-friendly route of 3,5 km, with its own stamping post.

Please note!
The Soester Wandelweekend is not suitable for disabled people due to the unpaved surface. Only the 3,5 km on Sunday is suitable for disabled people, because of the fully paved surface. Dogs are allowed to walk on a leash on Saturday during the Baarnse Bossendag but are not allowed on the route at Soestdijk Palace. Dogs are not allowed to walk on the Sunday during the Soester Wandelweekend. Dogs are not allowed at Landgoed De Paltz (20 and 30 km) and on the grounds of Soesterberg Air Base (30 km).

Soester Duinendag - Soester Wandelweekend

Soester Duinendag Zondag 23 augustus

Walking safe

During our events, we as an organization want to create the safest possible road situation for the participants and other road users. That’s why it’s so important to all to show the same walking behavior. We ask you to walk on the right as much as possible during our walking events. This allows us to avoid ambiguity on routes that aren’t completely closed to walkers.

Please note! 
Bringing items such as prams, banners etc. is not allowed.